Is Your Cat Protected Against Parasites?

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Feline heartworm disease is a silent killer, often being mistaken for other health conditions. Currently, therapies do not exist to treat a feline heartworm infection. This can result in long term lung damage and potentially death for infected cats. Based on the current research and our veterinarian's medical knowledge and experience, WFAH strongly recommends all cats (indoor kitties too!) receive monthly parasite prevention.  This is a way to protect both your cat and your family. Many of the parasites pets can pick up in their environment are zoonotic, meaning they can be transferred to humans. Children and seniors are especially at risk of zoonotic infections. Just think about all the times your kitty used their litterbox and then hopped up onto your lap, bed, or kitchen counters with their dirty little feet--yuck! WFAH now offers Revolution protects against heartworm disease, intestinal parasite and flea infestation, and ear mites.  We feel this is the best product on the market for feline parasite prevention!