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  • Emergency Care Information

    If your pet is having an emergency during our office hours, please call immediately!

    When our office is closed, we recommend the Emergency Animal Hospital in Ellicott City.
    Please call: (410) 750-1177
    10270 Baltimore National Pike (Route 40 West)
    Ellicott City, MD  21042

  • Adoptions

    WFAH currently does not have any pets up for adoption.

    Whether you purchase a pet from a breeder or pet store, or adopt a pet from a shelter or a friend, you're bound to find a fast friend in your new pet!

    At WFAH we appreciate pet parents' reasoning for adding a new pet to their household from any source.

    If you're on the fence about where to find your next furry friend, consider the following:

    Benefits of Breeders:
    • You likely know at least the parents and potentially greater genetic history of your new pet
    • You know who your pet's parents were and what their environmental history includes
    • Breeders often get your pet started with a solid diet and vaccination and de-worming plan that can be followed up with your veterinarian
    Benefits of Adoption:
    • You can potentially save an animal's life
    • Your new pet will often be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and potty trained prior to adoption, but should receive a follow up with your veterinarian to be sure vaccines and testing are complete and there aren't any health issues that need to be addressed
    • If the pet is an adult, you'll have a great idea of their personality from the start
    • You often can find a pet that meets your family's specific needs and will fit right in
    No matter where you find your next furry family member, we're sure they'll bring you immense joy and fun for many years to come!

    Other Adoption Resources
    Animal Advocates of Howard County - website
    Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center - 410-313-2780
    BARCS - website