Welcome to West Friendship Animal Hospital! Our compassionate doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care and exceptional customer service. 
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West Friendship Animal Hospital
12800 Frederick Road, P.O. Box 221, West Friendship, MD  21794
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Request a refill online!
You can order your pet's food and medication refills online! Just click on the respective icon and fill out the form. Our doctors will review the request and have your pet's food or prescription waiting for you. We can even mail most prescriptions.
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(410) 489-9410

12800 Frederick Road
West Friendship, MD 21794

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Monday                                 7:30AM             7:00PM

Tuesday                                7:30AM             7:00PM

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Sunday                                               Closed
Office hours are by appointment only. 

If your pet is having an emergency during our office hours, please call immediately! 

If your pet is having an emergency outside of office hours, please call 
Emergency Animal Hospital of Ellicott City
(410) 750-1177
WFAH now offers additional tests and services to help keep your pets at their healthiest and happiest! These new additions include: 

-Digital dental radiography 
-In house rapid testing for feline heart disease
-In house rapid testing for canine pancreatitis
-Quantitative blood and urine testing to create more comprehensive and effective treatment plans in    response to positive Lyme results

Please see our Services page for further information on these diagnostic aids.  

Is your cat protected against parasites?

Feline heartworm disease is a silent killer, often being mistaken for other health conditions. Currently, therapies do not exist to treat a feline heartworm infection. This can result in long term lung damage and potentially death for infected cats. Based on the current research and our veterinarian's medical knowledge and experience, WFAH strongly recommends all cats (indoor kitties too!) receive monthly parasite prevention.  This is a way to protect both your cat and your family. Many of the parasites pets can pick up in their environment are zoonotic, meaning they can be transferred to humans. Children and seniors are especially at risk of zoonotic infections. Just think about all the times your kitty used their litterbox and then hopped up onto your lap, bed, or kitchen counters with their dirty little feet--yuck! WFAH now offers Revolution protects against heartworm disease, intestinal parasite and flea infestation, and ear mites.  We feel this is the best product on the market for feline parasite prevention!