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​Dog Days of Summer 
It is not uncommon to encounter an animal hospital advocating to pet owners to keep their dogs and cats out of parked cars on hot or even warm, Summer days. What may surprise you, however, is that a veterinarian actually conducted his own experiment by sitting in his car for a short period of time on a hot day. He posted his grueling experience on YouTube (see video below).  

The veterinarian in this video, Dr. Ernie Ward, sits in his parked car for approximately 30 minutes. He has all four windows rolled down 1-2 inches and is alone in the car. After only 15 minutes, the temperature in the SUV rises from about 95 degrees to 110 degrees. After 30 minutes, the inside of the car is a stifling 117 degrees. While Dr. Ward is sitting still and calm, it is easy to imagine a dog becoming increasingly anxious, expending energy and valuable hydration through panting at this point. This anxiety and panting raises their core body temperature further. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable; it is also highly dangerous and potentially fatal. The following chart details how quickly the temperature can rise in a parked car: 

If you must leave your pet in the car alone, please leave the car running with the air conditioning on. Your best option is to leave your pets at home on warm days! If you see a pet in distress in a parked car and cannot find the owner, please call 911 immediately. These situations really can be a matter of life and death for innocent and helpless pets! 

12800 Frederick Road
West Friendship, MD 21794

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If your pet is having an emergency during our office hours, please call immediately! 

If your pet is having an emergency outside of office hours, please call 
Emergency Animal Hospital of Ellicott City
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WFAH now offers additional tests and services to help keep your pets at their healthiest and happiest! These new additions include: 

-Digital dental radiography 
-In house rapid testing for feline heart disease
-In house rapid testing for canine pancreatitis
-Quantitative blood and urine testing to create more comprehensive and effective treatment plans in    response to positive Lyme results

Please see our Services page for further information on these diagnostic aids.